Goods & Services

The following goods and services are offered at Renaissance Homestead:

  • Goods & Products
    • Heirloom seeds and started seedlings
    • Heirloom, organically grown plants
    • Purebred, pedigreed Silver Fox rabbits (black/blue)
    • Rabbit meat (for pet consumption)
    • Whole broiler chickens
    • Whole quail
    • Pastured pork
    • Rabbit fertilizer
    • Duck fertilizer
    • We occasionally (during warmer months) offer free-range eggs for sale by the dozen & half dozen (chicken, duck, quail)
  • Services
    • Butchering classes
    • On-farm butchering
          • We come to your farm to help you process your animals
    • Farm-sitting
    • Goods/service bartering
    • Small animal transport