Renaissance Rabbitry

We breed fully pedigreed, purebred Silver Fox. Breeding months are September (first kits) through April (last kits), so no kits will be available after the last litter(s) are ready to go in May/June. See below for a list of breeders and available animals for sale. Click here to view our sales policy.

Check our FB group specifically for keeping up with the rabbitry: HERE

Interested in the breed?
Consider joining our regional specialty club: GSFRB
& the National breed club: NSFRC

BOB – GSFRB Fall Specialty 11/16/19
BIS – NFRCBA Open B 2/1/20
Best Fur – GSFRB Spring Specialty 3/8/20
BOB/BotB/Best Fur – GSFRB Fall Specialty 11/21/20
RIS – Meat Lover’s Show 3/7/21
BIS – GSRCA Open A 10/16/21
BIS – GSRCA Open B 10/16/21
Best Fur – 2021 ARBA Convention 10/24/21
BOB/BotB – GSFRB Fall Specialty 11/20/21