Renaissance Rabbitry

This page is kept up to date with current available animals and their information including weights and sale prices. We breed fully pedigreed, purebred Silver Fox. Breeding months are September (first kits) through April (last kits), so no kits will be available after the last litter(s) are ready to go in May/June. See below for a list of breeders and available animals for sale. Click here to view our sales policy.

 Silver Fox Breeder Does:
LKR’s Sookie Stackhouse – proven black doe
MR79 Queenie – proven blue doe
RR Powder Blue – proven blue doe
DF Faith – black Int. doe
RR Hymn – black Sr. doe (3 legs)

Silver Fox Breeder Bucks:
LKR’s Purple Rain – proven lilac buck
RR Navy Blue – homebred Int. blue buck
RR Yoda – black Sr. buck (3 legs)
Miss Maggie’s Dallan – blue Jr. buck (3 BOVs)

New Zealand Breeder Bucks:
RR Prince Charming – proven broken blue buck

For Sale:
LKR’s Purple Rain – proven Sr. lilac SF buck
RR Navy Blue – Int. Bbdd blue SF buck
RR Prince Charming – proven Int. broken blue NZ buck
RR Powder Blue – proven Sr. Bbdd blue SF doe [SOLD]

Litters on the Ground:
RR-FQ1217: pure SF – two blacks; both spoken for
RR-CQ0218: three hybrids – one broken blue, two solid blues; all available
RR-RP0218: pure SF – three lilacs, three blues; all available minus 1 lilac

2017-2018 Breeding Season Plan