Happy Birthday to Me!!

My birthday is coming up (this Tuesday), and my fabulous boyfriend decided he was going to help my animal addiction and purchase me two new silver fox rabbits (with pedigrees) and cages to go with them! I got a black doe and a lilac buck. Taking any name suggestions! 🙂

We are now owners of a breeding trio of silver fox, a lilac buck, a black doe and a blue doe. I am beyond happy. Silver fox are a breed near and dear to my heart, they’re one of the first purebred breeds that I had the pleasure to experience and raise on my own. My favorite rabbit, Blueberry, was a blue silver fox and he was the most fabulous rabbit ever! I lost him to the brutal GA heat two summers ago (top photo is full grown and bottom is at a couple weeks old).

A little bit about the breed for those who may be curious:  they’re a heritage livestock breed, originating in the US in the 1920s. They are a dual purpose breed for both meat and fur. Varieties include black, blue, chocolate, lilac and white, however only black is recognized while blue and chocolates can be shown as colors of distinction at certain shows. They are a large, commercial type breed ranging from 9-12lbs for show animals, however I prefer larger rabbits so here on the homestead I breed between 10-15+lbs. I also adore them for their calm and easy personalities. They make fabulous pet rabbits.

At this time, I only have this trio of silver fox, however before I had to get rid of my rabbits previously, I was planning a program to start cross breeding silver fox with New Zealand’s and developing my own breed. The idea is that the NZ will impart their excellent growth rates into the high dress out rate and fabulous personality of the silver fox. I also chose this cross because I enjoy the silver fox “fly back” fur but the broken patterns found in the NZs. Additionally, NZs are often more heat-hardy. Until I can acquire more rabbits, I will breed and sell purebred, pedigreed silver fox to interested customers.

I am so thankful to be getting back into rabbits again! I just love the adorable babies! Both does were bred (foregoing quarantine as my rabbitry is very small and two of my three are from the same place; I additionally know and trust the seller) with fall-offs on 3/10 so hopefully in 32 days we will have kits!

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