Rabbitry Happenings

Just wanted to make a quickie post about everything going on in the rabbitry. We have one final show in 2018 before showing takes a bit of a break until 2019, the Southern Pride show in Hopkins, SC. I will be taking my new buck Sammy (from Margaret Funck), as well as Pirate, and then Maggie. I will also be taking some of my juniors from my Dallan x Queenie & Pirate x Sookie litters, as long as they all make weight. Yoda will also be attending however that is because he will be sold to a buyer from NC.

Today, my bunny BFF Linda is coming over to breed her buck Leon to Maggie, and one of her does to Dallan. We will also be tattooing and evaluating the juniors I have and separating them by quality so I can go ahead and dispatch those who are not show quality. I also need to cut some cage wire and start working on my additional growout cages. So much to do, always so much to do.

I sent Yoda & Pirate to the Decatur RBA show last weekend with Linda, and Pirate ended up winning 2x BOB, earning his last leg towards his Grand Champion certificate. I just have to register him and send in his legs to get his certificate.

Sookie kindled 3 blacks & 1 blue by Yoda 11/24. Queenie was also bred to Yoda, however today is day 36 and no kits. Queenie is typically a day 32 and done, so I don’t believe she is pregnant. I will re-breed them again to see if we can get some kits before Yoda leaves. Time will tell. Faith is also bred to Dallan for kits due mid-December. I am giving Hymn the month off because she has grievously lost condition, would like to build her back up before I re-breed her, and if she loses condition in a similar manner, she will be culled from my program.

Our Time in PA

Just wanted to write a little post about our time spent for Thanksgiving in PA. I would like to start this post with a gigantic THANK YOU to both Linda of Tale of Tails and our neighbors JB & Randy for taking care of our animals while we were away. Came home to things just as they should be, and I am very grateful for that.

We left GA last Saturday around 8pm, arrived in PA Sunday morning around 9am.  Justus drove most of the way, and we made good time for hitting an accident in WV and sitting for about 45 minutes. The dogs traveled really well, which I was also pleased about. Sunday we relaxed, hung out, and got everything ready to start hunting on Monday morning.

Mammy (great grandmother) & Luna
The pack making sure Pap didn’t drop any turkey

We hunted pheasants Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, with Tuesday being a preserve hunt at Hopewell Pheasantry in Felton, PA, and Monday/Wednesday being public land hunts. Saw birds every day, and on Tuesday we managed to bring home 7 birds. Turned them into tacos which were delicious.

We duck hunted Wednesday (I slept in), Thursday, and Friday. In years past, the waterfowl hunting has been iffy, however this year it seemed to have actually picked up. Wednesday, Justus and my Pap killed 3 hen buffleheads. Thursday we didn’t bag anything, however if we wouldn’t have been interrupted, we could have shot a good number of geese. Friday we should have killed more, but came home with a nice drake mallard. Waterfowling is chilly, but I always enjoy it, especially when birds are flying and guns are going off.

Drake mallard
Moon-set over the Susquehanna

When we weren’t hunting, we spent lots of time with family. We helped my dad build his new coop from the Urban Coop Company, colored with my grandma, partook in a cookie decorating contest with mom, and ate LOTS of great homemade food. All in all, it was a great vacation, minus the cold.

Willa & Brantley after Hopewell hunt
Willa with her first point & retrieve bird on her own
Willa & I after Hopewell hunt
Crew (minus me) after Hopewell hunt
Lyla & the buffleheads
Christmas Sweater Cookies (mine was #7)