Update on the Kits & Chicks!

All kits turned 3 weeks old on 5/4, and were sexed, weighed, and (poorly) photographed – sorry, it was pouring rain. All five are still available. $55 for bucks, $65 for does. Information below is as follows:

Rain x Sookie Litter:
– RR-RS01: blue buck, 1 lb 1.8 oz (+5.8 oz)
– RR-RS02: blue buck, 1 lb 3.5 oz (+5.8 oz)
– RR-RS03: black buck, 1 lb 0.5 oz (+5.5 oz)


Rain x Eowyn Litter:
– RR-RE01: blue doe, 1 lb 5.1 oz (+7.3 oz) [largest kit]
– RR-RE02: blue doe, 1 lb 2.3 oz (+7.0 oz)


Update on the chicks, I didn’t get pictures of them, and their weights are a day late (taken 5/5), but they’re listed below:
– Muffin: 48g (+12g)
– Nugget: deceased
– Puff: 26g (+4g)
– Fluff: 38g (+6g)
– Dot: 116g (+62g)
– Pepper: 36g (+8g)
– Peep: deceased
– Olive: 70g (+34g)
As you can tell, the olive eggers are the fastest growers, with the wyandotte and silkies trailing way behind. I am trying to monitor progress and will separate out Olive & Dot if they become too large and prevent the others from obtaining food. Otherwise, I have six happy, healthy chicks!

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