Kit & Chick Update!! 5/11/17

Well, kits turned 4 weeks on 5/11, so I weaned 3 of the 5 (two from Sookie & one from Eowyn). The other two will be moved with their siblings 5/12. I pulled weights and photographed all of them, worked on posing a little bit. They are developing personalities and I can say that one of the does and the largest blue buck are the most friendly. The little black guy is a sweetie also. You can see their full pedigrees and sale info on the “Silver Fox Rabbits” link on the left menu.

Rain x Sookie Litter:
– RR-RS01: blue buck 1 lb 9.3 oz (+7.5 oz)
– RR-RS02: blue buck 1 lb 13.4 oz (+9.9 oz) <- very sweet boy
– RR-RS03: black buck 1 lb 8.0 oz (+7.5 oz)

RR-RS01 – 4 weeks
RR-RS02 – 4 weeks
RR-RS03 – 4 weeks

Rain x Eowyn Litter:
– RR-RE01: blue doe 1 lb 13.4 oz (+8.3 oz)
– RR-RE02: blue doe 1 lb 10.5 oz (+8.2 oz)

RR-RE01 – 4 weeks
RR-RE02 – 4 weeks

Chick update: so far we have lost 3, both of the silver laced wyandottes, unfortunately, and one silkie. I am closely monitoring Puff as he has gained 0g since last week’s weights. He seems somewhat active, is eating and drinking, he is just very small. I am also treating all chicks with Corid for cocci as a preventive measure.
– Muffin: 66g (+18g)
– Puff: 26g (+0g)
– Fluff: 50g (+12g)
– Dot: 182g (+66g)
– Olive: 122g (+52g)
As you can see, the olive eggers are still WAY ahead of the silkies. I’m hoping to get them outside sooner rather than later so that the silkies can take their time and not have competition for food from the bigger birds. Hopefully I can keep Puff alive, we shall see.

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