Fried Squash Blossoms

Y’all…if you haven’t, you need to try these suckers. THEY ARE SO AMAZINGLY GOOD!

I went out to my compost pile where there’s a volunteer squash of some sort (I assume either zuchinni or spaghetti squash) growing, however it hasn’t produced any fruit. I harvested 5 good looking blossoms from the plant, took them inside, and proceeded to fry them. And they were slap yo’ mama good!

1. Harvest your blossoms – make sure there aren’t any critters inside the blossoms you’re going to use (I had to rescue a honey bee from inside one of mine before I washed them)
2. Wash your blossoms – GENTLY! With cool water, just to make sure you’ve gotten off any residual critters
3. Dry your blossoms, THOROUGHLY – hot oil & water don’t mix y’all
4. Begin heating your oil – I use peanut oil in a sauce pan, about 1.5-2″ of oil should do it
4. Prepare the filling (see recipe below)
5. Stuff those blossoms
6. Prepare the batter (see recipe below)
7. Once your oil is hot enough (I don’t use a thermometer, I just drip a tiny droplet of water into the pan and if it crackles, it’s ready, in my opinion), batter and fry your blossoms
+ Fry them each for 4-6 minutes (possibly longer if you’ve stuffed them super full) per side, until they’re golden brown; then remove to a plate with a paper towel to cool for AT LEAST 5 MINUTES (seriously, I majorly burnt my mouth because I’m impatient)
8. ENJOY!!!

– about 1/8c of goat cheese
– about 1/8c of cream cheese
– salt to taste
– pepper to taste
– 1t of garlic powder
– 1/4t of rosemary
– 1-2T coconut milk (to help loosen the mixture)
– Put ingredients into a mixing bowl and whip with a mixer until fluffy/easily spreadable, then you can carefully use a spoon and spoon the mix into the blossoms
+This amount should stuff 5-6 blossoms, feel free to make whatever filling you like

– 1 small egg
– 1/4c milk
– 2T coconut milk
– 1/8c corn meal
– 2-3T breadcrumbs
– 1t garlic powder
– salt, pepper to taste
– Mix the batter well until all ingredients are combined, then you can dip your blossoms and fry them up! The cornmeal helps them get a nice brown, breadcrumbs give extra crunch, and you can add whatever spices you like!

Blossoms frying!


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