Fried Zuchinni

I guess I’m on a frying kick this week, but I mean they’re fresh from the garden veggies, so it can’t be THAT bad, right?!

Anyway, this is a recipe that I haven’t seen people make that much, except for my grandma. When I was younger, she and my Pap used to make fried zuchinni and put them on sandwiches, and I HATED them. Eventually, when I actually tried them different ways, fried zuchinni became one of my favorites. I made it for Justus when we first started dating, and he loves them just as much as I do; he frequently asks for me to make them for him.

It’s a very simple recipe, basically just compile a dredge of pretty much whatever you like and fry your zuchinni (or, I suppose, any other squash you’d like).

My Dredge:
– 1/2c cornmeal
– 1/4c breadcrumbs
– 1.5t salt
– 1/2t onion powder
– 1/2t garlic powder
– 1/4 to 1/2t pepper

  1. Harvest and wash your zuchinni
  2. Heat your oil (I always use peanut oil) and prepare your dredge
  3. Slice your zuchinni – I use a mandolin slicer because the thinner, the better; they don’t get as crispy if you don’t slice them super thin
  4. Once your oil is heated, dredge your slices and fry them up; make sure that once the edges become brown on one side, you flip the zuchinni in the oil to make sure that it cooks evenly (and make sure your oil is hot enough so that the zuchs don’t get mushy/soggy/over oily)
  5. Strain from the oil once golden brown and allow to drip dry on a cookie rack or plate/bowl with paper towels
  6. Immediately salt the zuchinni, if salt is your thing, when they’re removed from the oil so that the salt sticks. If you put enough salt in your dredge, you shouldn’t need much/any salt.
  7. Let cool for a couple minutes & enjoy.

These suckers are better than potato chips! We have eaten them plain, on sandwiches, with ketchup like french fries, on top of salads, and pretty much in any other way that you could think of. They’re really delicious and something that everyone should try, especially if you’ve got a garden full of zuchinnis to eat!

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