Django Update

It is unfortunate to have to say, but poor Mr. Django has passed away. While we did manage to cure him of his fly strike and he was healing quite well, it seemed as though the whole battle took it out of him physically. He had lost weight and while he still seemed motivated and full of life, it was clear his muscles had begun deteriorating from his time inside with little exercise. We made the decision to let him have some time outside with his girls, where he then passed.

I’m not sure how old he was when he came into the yard, so it could have been he was just too old and tired. He was a good rooster, never mean to myself, but I had seen him kill a large rat on more than one occasion. He was protective when he needed to be.

It’s all the circle of life. Now, Mr. Spot and his cohort, Fluff can take over the rulings of the flock, narrowly avoiding the crock pot. I hope they can do half as good of a job as Django did.

RIP buddy

Django, Francis, & Elsa (keeping an eye on Luna)

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