Labor Day Weekend!

This weekend was fantastic! I was very productive this past week, and the weekend just topped it off!

Fermented garlic in honey; dehydrated various hot peppers

Last week I dehydrated a LOT of various peppers, tomatoes, herbs, etc. in order to have some things to start making into Christmas presents! I also started a small batch of fermented garlic in honey to use for cooking and as cold and flu preventive – since it’s getting to be that season again! I’ve been making so many sun dried tomatoes it’s unreal, and they taste SO GOOD. My garden has been providing so much for me this year.

Pre-drying – in the oven 3-5 hours on 215-220 degrees

So on Thursday, Justus surprised me by letting me know that he was getting some various miscellaneous chicken related items from a friend who was moving and getting out of chickens. For $20, we received 4 waterers, a feeder, a large aluminum storage can, a large brooder box, and a heat lamp. We ALSO were gifted his coop and run! I have never been more excited. In the spirit of filling our new enclosures…Justus then decided we should go to the local livestock auction in Summerville on Friday night. I should be credited for ONLY purchasing a pair of ducks and one rabbit – I was itching for a goat. We came home with my gorgeous new pair of Welsh Harlequins (see my post regarding egg laying ducks; they’re also listed on the Watch list of The Livestock Conservancy [see post]) – Emmy and Uppy (so named by my niece).


Saturday was dove season opener, so of course we partook. Got the dogs out and hunted from noon until about 7pm. Brought home 12 on Saturday then 24 on Monday when we hunted again (though most of those were gifted). The dogs got worked every day this weekend (Sunday we used some mallards and did some hunt test prep since Timber’s first test is next weekend).

Opening day haul
Brantley waiting to grab some doves
Timber looking pretty
One very tired Brantley

Sunday morning we realized that our quail hen finally hatched her chicks! We have nine very tiny baby quail. When I checked on Saturday, no chicks, but both the hen and her boyfriend attacked me. It’s quite interesting that all 3 adult birds – the hen and two cocks – all share in caring for the chicks. The males will sit on the babies and the chicks also follow the males around. All adults are very protective.

Overall, it’s been a great weekend! 🙂 Couldn’t be happier!

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