Rabbitry Update: 9/24/17

Today is one day shy of the hurricane litter’s 2 week birthday, and since I’m traveling tomorrow, I decided to do their weights & IDs today. They now all have “names,” and have had their (almost) 2 week weights done. The smallest kit is a mere 4.4 oz while the largest is 8.9 oz. There were two kits who fell behind the curve in the first week, I was thinking I might end up having to bottle feed them, but Sookie came through and everyone is eating well – clearly some more than others. There is also one blue kit who is already leaving the nest and snuggling with momma. When I return from my trip next weekend, I’ll move Sookie & her litter into the larger grow out pen so she will have some more space to get away from them, and then I’ll start weaning them when they turn 4 weeks (halfway there!).

Queenie is due to kindle October 7 – she’s bred to Rain. Around that time I will also breed Eowyn to Fin and Sookie back to Rain for two more litters due in November. 🙂 I love breeding season. I’m going to watch the weather though as it’s been pretty warm lately, thankfully it’s cooling off a bit at night.

The summary of the hurricane litter – RR-RS0917 – is listed below along with pictures of each kit. I have *attempted* to sex everyone, however I won’t post sexes until they’re about 3-4 weeks as it’s still pretty difficult to tell right now and if they stand as-is, we only have 3 does 🙁

RR-RS0917 – “the hurricane litter”
– RR-RS04: black, 4.4oz [smallest of week 2]; black marked left ear

RR-RS05: black, 6.1oz; black marked right ear

RR-RS06: black, 4.9oz; red marked left ear

RR-RS07 [screams when held]: blue, 8.6oz; black marked left ear

RR-RS08: blue, 8.4oz; black marked right ear

– RR-RS09: blue, 8.9oz [largest of week 2]; red marked left ear

– RR-RS10: blue, 5.6oz; red marked right ear

– RR-RS11: blue, 6.4oz; green marked left ear

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