RR-RS0917 3 Week Update

Took weights and got the kits and Sookie moved into the larger cage today. I’m happy with their weight gains thus far. The largest kit for the second week in a row is RS09. The smallest is again RS04. These blogs are more for my personal library, so I can go back and look through my litters over time. I have sexed the kits, again, and now there is only ONE doe – RS10. This litter is currently unavailable due to my rabbitry quarantine, but when I’m confident we don’t have a disease outbreak going on, I will open sales back up. No kits are spoken for as of yet.

RR-RS0917 : 3 week weights & sexes

– RR-RS04: smallest of the litter, black buck; 6.4oz (+2oz)

– RR-RS05: black buck; 8.9oz (+2.8oz)

– RR-RS06: black buck; 6.6oz (+1.7oz – smallest gain)

-RR-RS07: blue buck(?); 11.6oz (+3oz)

– RR-RS08: blue buck(?); 11.3oz (+2.9oz)

– RR-RS09: largest of the litter, blue buck; 12oz (+3.1oz – largest gain)

– RR-RS10: blue doe (the ONLY doe); 7.5oz (+1.9oz)

– RR-RS11: blue buck; 8.8oz (+2.4oz)

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