10/9/17 RR-RS0917 4 Week Update

Today is weaning day. Half of the kits have been weaned today after I took their weights and photos. We have a couple kits who have exceeded the 1lb mark, and others who are behind, as expected with a larger litter. I must say, Sookie is doing fabulously with them, I am very pleased with these kits. RS09 was the largest, AGAIN, and RS04/06 were tied for being the smallest – about 7oz separates their weights! All kits are available, however I haven’t decided if I will be holding any back or not yet.

RR-RS0917 4 Week Weights & Photos

– RR-RS04: black buck; 10.2oz [+3.8oz] (will wean 10/12)

– RR-RS05: black buck; 13.4oz [+4.5oz] (weaned 10/9)

– RR-RS06: black buck; 10.2oz [+3.6oz] (will wean 10/12)

– RR-RS07: blue buck; 1lb 1.2oz [+5.6oz] (weaned 10/9) {largest weight gain}

– RR-RS08: blue buck; 1lb 0.6oz [+5.3oz] (weaned 10/9)

– RR-RS09: blue buck; 1lb 1.4oz [+5.4oz] (weaned 10/9)

-RR-RS10: blue doe; 11.8oz [+4.3oz] (will wean 10/11)

-RR-RS11: blue buck; 13.2oz [+4.4oz] (will wean 10/10)

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