Rabbitry Updates: 10/16 Weights & Misc

Today was a LONG day. I did weights on the RS0917 litter AND the RQ1017 litter (10 days old but I’m out of town the next 10 days). I also made the decision to cull Eowyn. She just seemed to be in pain/discomfort. She was eating, but not like she should and was losing weight slowly. I’ll post autopsy photos with a “graphic” warning so those interested can see my findings – I believe she had a liver tumor, along with some slight bloat – both aiding in the weight loss & discomfort.

All of the RS0917 (hurricane) litter have FINALLY been weaned. I left the two smallest kits with Sookie while I went on vacation, and only just weaned them today when I returned. I am happy with this decision because the weights are much closer together and everyone is over 1lb now, as they well should be. Also VERY pleased with the RQ1017 litter, just two kits should yield immense gains and large kits. They’re well fed and doing great. Queenie is a fab momma.

RS0917 Weights (5 weeks):
– RR-RS04: black buck; 1lb 3.6oz [+9.4oz]

– RR-RS05: black buck (or doe, unsure of this one); 1lb 5.1oz [+7.7oz]

-RR-RS06: black buck; 1lb 4.2oz [+10oz]

-RR-RS07: blue buck; 1lb 10.7oz [+9.5oz]

– RR-RS08: blue buck; 1lb 9.9oz [+9.3oz]

– RR-RS09: blue buck: 1lb 11.8oz [+10.4oz] (largest kit & largest gain)

– RR-RS10: blue doe: 1lb 3.4oz [+7.6oz] (smallest gain & smallest kit)

– RR-RS11: blue buck; 1lb 6.6oz [+9.4oz]

RQ1017 Weights (10 days):
– RR-RQ01: blue buck(?); 5.0oz
– RR-RQ02: blue doe(?); 4.5oz






Bloat – air in intestines/colon (notice feces surrounded by air)
Lobes of the liver – right lobe more regular while left lobe was hard, fatty, and enlarged
Close up of enlarged liver with gall bladder
Another close up of hardened, irregular, unhealthy liver
Stomach on top, liver on bottom for size comparison: normal liver should be thin/flat and much smaller and less rounded than the stomach

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