Rabbitry Update: 11/6

Today the hurricane litter turned 8 weeks old, I took weights and posed them. We have four kits from this litter spoken for: RS05, RS09 (who I will be keeping), RS10, and one of the other black bucks (either 04 or 06). Also weighed RQ litter, and RQ02 is spoken for as well. I’m very happy with how everyone is growing and the RainxSookie litter is becoming quite snuggly and friendly. 🙂 I have updated their pics & weights below.


RR-RS04: 2lb 12.4oz [+9.3oz] (on hold)

RR-RS05: 3lb 2.2oz [+11oz] (spoken for)

RR-RS06: 2lb 15.1oz [+10.3oz] (on hold)

RR-RS07: 3lb 5.6oz [+9.7oz]

RR-RS08: 3lb 7.7oz [+11.3oz]

RR-RS09/Navy: 3lb 14.1oz [+12.1oz] (retained)

RR-RS10: 2lb 12.8oz [+9.3oz] (spoken for)

RR-RS11: 3lb 5.0oz [+12.1oz]


RR-RQ1017 Litter:

RR-RQ01: buck, 1lb 1.8oz [+5.6oz]

RR-RQ02: doe, 1lb 2.7oz [+6.8oz] (spoken for)

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