11/13 Rabbitry Update

Took weights and some photos of Sookie’s litter today. They’re all still gaining weight as I like to see. Queenie’s litter, however, actually has NOT gained weight, and each have lost about an ounce. I am quite perplexed by this, so I’m doing a couple experiments with this to see if I can get them to get back on track with weight gain. The only explanation that I can think of is weaning has stressed them out (since there’s only two of them) enough to make them lose an appetite. I added a water bottle to their cage in addition to their watering system so they’re getting plenty of probiotics, and I’ve also moved around their feeder and hay – hoping these things help them get back on track.

RR-RS0917 Litter

RR-RS04: black buck, 3lb 3.6oz [+7.2oz]

RR-RS05: black buck, 3lb 9.1oz [+6.9oz]

RR-RS06: black buck, 3lb 5.9oz [+6.8oz]

RR-RS07: blue buck, 3lb 12.0oz [+6.4oz]

RR-RS08: blue buck, 3lb 13.9oz [+6.2oz]

RR-RS09 (aka Navy): blue buck, 4lb 7.8oz [+9.7oz – largest kit, largest gain]

RR-RS10: blue doe, 3lb 2.4oz [+5.6oz – smallest kit, smallest gain]

RR-RS11: blue buck, 3lb 13.3oz [+8.3oz]


RR-RQ1017 Litter
RR-RQ01: blue buck, 1lb 0.8oz [-1.0oz]
RR-RQ02: blue doe, 1lb 1.5oz [-1.2oz]

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    1. Reggie,
      I will shoot you an email, I do have some for sale, and just need to know what you’re looking for!

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