Meat Chickens: Week 6

Okay, so I’m starting to like these guys. Whoopsie.

They’re super friendly and now they’re really foraging around their pen. They come running when I go out to feed them, since they aren’t free feeding now. They’re very curious and are not afraid of us or the dogs at all. They drink TONS of water too, much more than our other chickens, I’d imagine it’s something to do with how quickly they’re growing and how much they’re eating.

We did lose one. Found it under their coop, head missing, mostly eviscerated, broken legs. Not sure what got it, but we’ve set a trap and have not lost another one yet. They’ve got about two more weeks left until we process. Looking forward to more meat in the freezer.

Side note: yesterday and today I butchered our young rabbits & two of our new “accidental” roosters. The dogs have loved the past two days. I cooked one of the rabbits off with a pheasant in the crock pot to make some lovely broth and shredded the meat for future use.

P.S. The quail are laying again!!

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