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I have been giving the rabbits a bit more TLC lately since we are gearing up for show season. First show that they will attend (I will be in PA but my good friend Linda will be taking them with her) is the West GA Rabbit Club Fall Festival in Carrollton, GA.

I realize I don’t blog about my rabbits a ton unless it’s about how many went into the freezer. Over the past year I’ve been slowly acquiring rabbits from breeders all across the US (Florida, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, etc.). I’m working on bringing better ‘type’ down here to the south. Silver Fox are a rare breed to begin with and in the south/south-east, show quality rabbits are SERIOUSLY lacking. A couple of like minded individuals, including myself, are working to change that.

Anyway, I’m going to show rabbits this year, for the first time since FFA in high school. I’m pretty excited. We will see how they all do. In order for a rabbit to be show ready, they need to be out of molt with a normal, full coat (all of mine are in molt right now), nails trimmed, and a tattoo in their left ear. They should also be in good health and body condition. I’m working on bringing all of my rabbits up to snuff (those worth showing) to get them onto the show table.

I was getting weights this week and decided to snap some quick side profile shots of all of our rabbits. We are down to a mere 11! Good thing some does are already bred 😉

Miss Maggie’s Dallan – 9 mos blue buck [9lb 0.4oz]
DF02 – 12.5 week blue doe [5lb 6.8oz]
DF04 – 12.5 week black doe [4lb 10.7oz]
DF Faith – 14 mos black doe [7lb 12.2oz]
RR Hymn – 1 yr 8 mos black doe [10lb 3.0oz]
RR Lavender – 6 mos lilac doe [10lb 9.2oz]
Platinum Moose’s Magnolia – 6 mos black doe [9lb 10.5oz]
Carrot Gardens Blackbeard – 6 mos black buck [7lb 13.3oz]
MR79 Queenie – 2 yr 2 mos blue doe [11lb 1.2oz]
Little King Ranch’s Sookie Stackhouse – 1 yr 10 mos black doe [10lb 7.2oz]
RR Yoda (in SUPER molt) – 1 yr 9 mos black buck [8lb 5.8oz]
All of my rabbits are in varying states of condition – some are under weight, which happens to rabbits during the heat of the summer, some are molting, some are sun bleached, etc. etc. A lot of these rabbits aren’t ‘posed’ properly either, they were just quick photos I took after weights & grooming. These guys have varying ‘types’ as well. Body types such as Dallan’s and Pirates are preferred, and having type like Lavender is not ideal (lilacs are useful for determining what colors a rabbit carries). All in all, I am looking very forward to show season. I plan on posting some videos and snippets with info for folks who are interested.

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