West GA Rabbit Club Show – 10/6/18

Just wanted to get on and post the results from the show this past weekend. I was not in attendance as we flew to PA for my cousin’s FABULOUS wedding, but my friend Linda took four of my rabbits with her. I am very pleased with how they all did, and I’m looking forward to the show this coming weekend (GA State RCA, Perry, GA 10/13).

The show in Carrollton on 10/6 was a triple show, meaning that you could enter each of your rabbits 3x, to be judged by a different judge each time, for 3 opportunities to show/place.

Show A
Judge: Donyelle Schultz
Maggie (black Sr doe) – DQ
Pirate (black int buck) – 2nd of 4
Dallan  (blue Sr buck) – Best of Variety [BOV] of 5
DF02 (blue jr doe) – Best Opposite (Sex) of Variety [BOSV] of 4
[blues are a certificate of development & thus do not earn points]

Show B
Judge: Tom Green
Maggie – 1st of 4
Pirate – 3rd of 4
Dallan – BOSV of 1
DF02 – BOV of 5

Show C
Judge: Jacinta Taulbee
Maggie – 2nd of 4
Pirate – 1st of 4
Dallan – BOV of 5
DF02 – BOSV of 4

My rabbits earned a total of 92 points this past weekend. Looking forward to the double show in Perry this weekend 🙂

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