Accomplishments of my Long Weekend

My final list is as follows:
– Homemade ketchup cooked, canned & frozen

My left overs with some homemade ketchup

– Started the process of making my first ever honey mead
– Got my sourdough starter from Alaska (gift from a friend) going
– Baked two loaves of bread: garlic onion & chocolate

Chocolate loaf with chocolate chips – best bread I’ve ever made

– Attempted red clover white wine jelly, however instead got syrup, still tasty though!

Canned syrup
Steeping red clover in white wine in preparation to make the jelly…er…syrup

– Cooked & canned hot pepper jelly (which is FABULOUS on crackers with some goat cheese)

Canned hot pepper jelly

– Crock potted a whole chicken for meal prep, got some good stock from it, and cooked the bones down to make “bone milk” for the dogs
– Made my first batch of rosemary lemon goat’s milk soap

Soap in the molds

– Made some delicious, easy homemade butter
– Made apple butter
– Successfully cooked my first soufflĂ© (sweet corn & zuchinni, fabulous)

My souffle

– Finally got my garden started, planted zuchinni, melons, cucumbers, pole & bush beans, sunflowers, and the first row of corn

It has been a very productive four days, and now I’m content to go back to work and resume “normal” life. I am feeling very accomplished and happy with myself. There were many firsts this weekend, and overall, even with some mistakes, I call it a huge success! 🙂

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