All About Our New Chicks!

On April 26, we added three new breeds of chickens to our homestead. We obtained four silkies, two silver laced wyandottes, and two olive eggers. These chicks came to us straight run, so we are not exactly sure how many pullets/cockerels we have just yet. Silkies are especially difficult because they generally can not be sexed until they are a minimum of four weeks old – more commonly around 4-6 months old when they reach maturity. I have made some quick bullet points about each of the new breeds we have obtained below!

Silver Laced Wyandotte
“The original Wyandotte”
– Developed in New York in 1870s
– Good layers of brown eggs, even through winter
– Known for good tempers, adaptability, and hardiness
– Has white feathers with black edges, called lacing

Olive Egger
– Usually an Ameraucauna, Araucana, or Easter Egger crossed with a brown egg laying breed
– Produce a dark green, sometimes speckled egg
– Generally friendly birds
– Lay medium to large sized eggs
– Good foragers

– Known as the “weirdos” of the chicken world
– Black bones
– Extra toes
– Generally can not be sexed definitely until maturity
– Very friendly
– Hens are known to go broody

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