6 Week Kit Update

Pulled weights & took some halfway decently posed photos of all 5 kits this afternoon. Still pleased with their growth. I have made my pick of the litter and will be holding back RR-RE01 – she is the fastest growing and I am happy with her personality. Compared to her sister, her shoulders are greatly improved and I think she has a pretty decent overall shape to her. RR-RE02 will likely go to freezer camp as she has more of a mandolin body type (as does her mother). I still think that if I were keeping a buck I would hold RR-RS01, he has a very easy personality and is my best/easiest to pose thus far. After I pulled weights and photographed everyone, they all went out to graze. I put my breeders out for a while to graze as well, since it’s an especially cool (~70 degrees) and breezy day today. 🙂

RR-RE01: 3 lb 3.9 oz (+10.7 oz)
RR-RE02: 2 lb 5.7 oz (+3.7 oz)

RR-RS01: 2 lb 11.7 oz (+7.2 oz)
RR-RS02: 2 lb 15.6 oz (+7.8 oz)
RR-RS03: 2 lb 9.1 oz (+6.2 oz)

RR-RE01 6 weeks
RR-RE02 6 weeks
RR-RS01 6 weeks
RR-RS02 6 weeks
RR-RS03 6 weeks

I haven’t messed with the chicks yet, but all four survivors are still doing very well. They’re quite chatty these days. I plan on moving them outside full time once I get back from my MDW vacation home to PA!

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