Butcher Day!!

Today was butcher day. I call myself the “Freezer Camp Counselor,” and I sent the three growouts who did not sell to freezer camp! I missed getting 10 week weights from them all as I was away, however I did take their final live & dressed out weights. I am not impressed with this group of kits, dress out percentages ranged from 46-48%, so we’ve got a ways to go. Regardless, I’ve got over 6lb of meat, some for the freezer and some I’m prepping for use now. The dogs always enjoy butcher day, Luna and Timber got their first tastes of the bunny harvest and Brantley enjoyed like he always has.

Luna enjoying a rabbit foot

Just some quick specs:
– method of dispatch: cervical dislocation (my homemade hopper popper is currently MIA so I used the broomstick method with equally quick results)
– tools of the trade: scale, hanging string (baling twine), sharp knife for skinning and evisceration, garden shears for easy removal of the feet, gut & blood bucket, head pan (I freeze the heads as dog treats), bowl of water (to keep bloody tools off of the ground), and coat hanger to hang the skins.
– elapsed time from first weight to last carcass in the brine: 22 minutes

Head removed, bleeding out into the bucket

If you want to know more about my methodology, see my post here.

Final specs for the three grow outs (11 weeks exactly):
– RR-RE02: 4 lb 5.5 oz – live / 2 lb 0 oz – carcass [46% live to dressed ratio]
– RR-RS01: 4 lb 10.8 oz – live / 2 lb 4.3 oz – carcass [48% LDR]
– RR-RS02: 4 lb 15.5 oz – live / 2 lb 6.2 oz – carcass [ 48% LDR]

Three carcasses into the brine

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