Goings On Around the Farmstead

It’s been a fairly busy & hectic couple of weeks here at the little farmstead. This is mostly because I’ve been out of town. I was on a 10 day shift for work in Jackson, MS from June 19 until the 28, and then Justus, the dogs, and myself left on the 29 for our week in PA. We returned yesterday, July 8, and finally got some much needed work done around the place.

Fluff, Spot (mid-crow), and Olive(r)?

First off, while we were gone, a chick hatched! Two hatched, actually, however, one perished, not sure what happened. There is currently one thriving chick, and Elsa is still sitting on the eggs while Francis cares for the peep. I plan on candling the remaining eggs tonight if I can get a minute alone with them without being attacked. Also, I’m not entirely sure where the quail eggs went that we put in the nest, but they are gone? Very curious.

The new addition with momma Elsa
Most adorable Fluff, my favorite

This morning, we got the gutters cleaned out on the back of the house (how un-fun), but more importantly, we got the rabbits moved to their new location among the gum & maple trees 🙂 They seem quite happy, I just have to make sure that I keep chopping away at the English Ivy so that it doesn’t grow into their cages (it’s poisonous to rabbits AND chickens). Along with the move of the cages, we constructed a second watering system. While I’m away this week I plan on writing a post about how to make your own watering system.

New bunny setup

I made the decision to sell Eowyn and replace her with another blue doe that I found at a farm about an hour and a half from here. I’m not happy with her type and small litter size, worst comes to worst I’ll keep her and use her as a meat breeding doe only.

Rain hanging out in the shade
Sookie & E in their new cages
Powder & Fin relaxing

I also harvested a good many veggies from the garden. I am crawling with cucumbers! The zuchinni are not so many, however they are large, so I’ll be dealing with those when I get home. I did put together four jars of refrigerator pickles tonight, so they’ll be ready to go when I get back.

From garden to pickle jar

I’m heading to Nebraska this week for work, only a short Monday – Friday shift, so that’s fabulous. I’m hoping I will return to some more chicks. We shall see.

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