Rabbitry Update: Fall 2017

Just wanted to give a little update regarding the rabbitry and the rabbits since I’ve accumulated quite the wait list. Apparently Silver Fox are few & far between right now in North GA/Alabama.

I had originally planned for 15 litters this breeding season, however it’s pretty apparent that’s not going to happen. Sookie did kindle as expected in 9/11, however Eowyn didn’t take on her breeding with Rain. Additionally, I lost Dutchess to weanling enteritis, and she was planned for 2 litters. I am currently looking for a Dutchess replacement as well as another possible breeding age Silver Fox doe. Thus far, no luck, so we are down to 12 litters. I did re-breed Eowyn to Rain (or attempted to), so she may kindle around the same time Queenie is due, so we may go back up to 13 litters if that breeding took. Eowyn isn’t the easiest breeder, she doesn’t usually lift well, and she’s on her way to being replaced as well.

My plans through the end of the year are as follows (and can be viewed on the rabbitry page as well):
October litter: Rain x Queenie, possibly Rain x Eowyn
November litters: Fin x Eowyn & Rain x Sookie
December litters: Fin x Queenie & Rain x Powder

Sookie’s litter – the hurricane litter as I’m calling them – was kindled 9/11. She kindled 8 gorgeous & healthy kits, 3 blacks & 5 blues. 100% survival rate thus far, everyone is looking healthy and fed. I will begin sexing between 2-3 weeks old, then marking and weighing individual kits. That’s the time I will notify those on our wait list of what I have available. The official litter ID for this litter is RS0917. If these kits turn out with similar silvering and type as Fin, they’ll be very nice rabbits. Right now pricing will be $50 for bucks, $60 for does, with pedigrees.

Looking forward to Queenie’s first litter with me and to Powder’s first ever litter! She’s being bred back to her father, so there should be some chocolates/lilacs in that litter as well. I am super happy with her size and type thus far, though her head is slightly too feminine for my liking. She’s very friendly and I think she should make a great mother.


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