The Latest News & Goings On

I have been slack at posting lately, very busy with work and in my spare time.

All of Sookie’s kits are doing very well! All 8 are still alive, turned one week old today and getting immensely cuter. There is one BEHEMOTH of a blue kit that has far surpassed the others in size, likely would be my pick of the litter if I do decide to keep any.

I made one of my best loafs of bread ever last week for a friend’s birthday – cinnamon honey loaf. It smelled and tasted fantastic. I gifted it with some homemade persimmon jelly. 🙂

I had forgotten to write about Timber’s first hunt test – on 9/10 she completed her first started hunter pass for UKC/HRC. Three more passes and she will have completed her started hunter title. We have plans to run her in Alabama in October and then either GA or SC in November, hopefully for her title. We are very proud of her and how far she has come!

One other note, we got our first duck egg yesterday! I am super excited. I have not used it yet, but am planning on just frying it up and eating it with toast for dinner tonight. I love our duckies!

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