11/20 Rabbitry Update

Sold two kits (RS04, RS10) plus a commissioned doe from a friend to a client from Alabama yesterday, 11/19. An additional two kits are due to head to west GA in early December. We have no does left available, but a couple bucks from the current two litters. I also butchered RS08 today, in an effort to turn him into a rabbit roll for Thanksgiving – we shall see how that goes. The RQ litter who had lost weight upon being weaned have gained it back in a striking fashion, both putting on nearly 1lb since last week’s weights. Also, the first of the RS0917 litter has reached 5lbs, the buck that I have decided to keep – Navy (RS09). His other siblings are not far behind. Updated weights are listed below, however I have not taken pictures as I’ve been busy and lazy.

I am also looking forward to giving Powder her nest box on the 24, for kits due the 28. This is an expected blue & lilac litter between she and Rain. Additionally, Queenie was bred to Fin for a black & blue litter due early December. Yay for more babies! We are much overdue since Sookie decided not to take last month.

RR-RS05: 4lb 1.0oz [+7.9oz – lowest gain]
RR-RS06: 3lb 15.3oz [+9.4oz]
RR-RS07: 4lb 4.8oz [+8.8oz]
RR-RS08: 4lb 6.1oz [+8.2 oz – carcass weight 1lb 14.8oz (44%)]
RR-RS09: 5lb 1.3oz [+9.5oz]
RR-RS11: 4lb 6.1oz [+8.8oz]

RR-RQ01: 2lb 0.3oz [+15.5oz]
RR-RQ02: 1lb 15.7oz [+14.2oz]

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