Fermented Cranberry Sauce

Yes, I’m fermenting again! This time, it’s another super simple recipe, I’ve started it now so that it’s ready for Christmas! I’m fermenting in honey, which I’ve found to be one of the perfect fermentation agents/vessels. I’m fermenting whole cranberries in raw honey, with various spices and additions. My goal is to have it ferment long enough that it will have a unique taste and tang when I blend it all together and serve that sucker for Christmas! My recipe is below!

Fermented Cranberries in Honey
– 1 bag whole, fresh cranberries (organic if you can find them)
– 2 small-ish pieces of orange peel
– 4-5 whole cloves
– 1 cinnamon stick
– 1/4t vanilla
– raw honey

Bruise your cranberries – I do this by slamming the bag on the counter about 10-15 times, so that they will expel some of their juices allowing the water content in the honey to rise and the honey to ferment. Pour your cranberries into mason jars (I used two quart sized jars), add spices, vanilla, and orange peels and cover in honey. That’s it. Let it sit on your counter and loosely keep the lid on so that gases can escape as fermentation occurs. Tighten the lid and invert 1-2x daily so that all portions of the mix are covered in honey. I will be letting mine sit for about a month, to serve at Christmas dinner. Once you are happy with your recipe, this sauce makes a great holiday gift for friends and family!

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