11/27 Rabbitry Update

Well, last night/this morning we had a bit of a tragedy. Powder kindled a lovely, large litter of 8 kits – 3 blues and 5 lilacs. Unfortunately, instead of being bunched together for warmth, they were strewn about the nest and had been “over-cleaned.” When I found them this morning, they were all cold and had scratches and other cleaning injuries. I brought them in and immediately began on working on reviving the kits. I got four to wiggle and move around, but it was clear that they were too far gone to actually survive. In the end, all 8 passed. This was her very first litter, and having kits get scratched/stepped on/over cleaned is common with first timers. She pulled a LOT of fur, just didn’t have quite enough hay for insulation. I am planning to do a repeat breeding of Powder to Rain this weekend for kits in January, hopefully she will improve.

I weighed RS0917 & RQ1017 litters today (those who remain from sales & butchers). Again very happy with their gains and continual growth. The RQ litter are again back on track and meeting or exceeding the averages for their weights.

RR-RS05: 4lb 8.2oz [+7.2oz]
RR-RS06: 4lb 7.9oz [+8.6oz]
RR-RS07: 4lb 13.5oz [+8.7oz]
RR-RS09 (Navy): 5lb 11.1oz [+9.8oz]
RR-RS11: 5lb 0.1oz [+10oz]

RR-RQ01: 2lb 10.8oz [+10.5oz]
RR-RQ02: 2lb 9.5oz [+9.8oz]

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