12/4 Rabbitry Update

It’s been a busy week for rabbits. I returned this past Saturday to Joker’s Red Rose Farm (JRRF) to purchase three more does for my clients – 2 very nice Jrs. and one Sr. Then, Saturday afternoon, I sold RS11 plus one JRRF Jr. doe to Warrior Farms in Dahlonega, GA. I actually ended up donating RS11 to them, they run a great program and I was happy to help out! Sunday, I sold RS07 plus the remaining Jr. & Sr. JRRF does to a client from Tennessee. I’m down to the remaining 3 bucks from the RS0917 litter – RR05, RR06, and RR09 (Navy). All are doing extremely well. Also weighed the RQ1017 litter today as well. RQ02 is slated to be rehomed with RR05 this coming weekend!

In addition to all of the sales, I bred Powder and Sookie – both to Rain, for litters due early January. Powder’s litter will be a repeat of the litter that she just lost. Sookie’s litter will be a repeat of the RS0917 litter, and kits should be equally as nice. I got Faith moved into the cage beside Sookie, and while doing so, she somehow broke off one of her front teeth – no worries, I am monitoring it and she is still eating and drinking very well. Queenie is due this week (12/8) for a litter by Fin, blacks and blues – hopefully she has more than 2 kits this time, we shall see.

Next month, I am hoping to breed Charming to Queenie, and breed Faith to Rain, again, time will tell. Still trying to get my hands on a second herd buck besides rain, unfortunately he only has about another season with me before I rotate him out. I am keeping his son, Navy, and won’t have much use for Rain in the near future without getting some new stock in the rabbitry.

I’ve listed weights below for the remaining kits in the two litters. I will be butchering RS06 tomorrow and will pull a weight on him pre & post butchering to see his dress out percentage (done & posted below).

RS05: 5lb 1.3oz [+9.1oz]

RS06: 4lb 14.0oz [+6.1oz] – 2lb 7.5oz butchered = 50.6% LDR
RS09: 6lb 6.1oz [+11oz]

RQ01: 3lb 7.2oz [+12.4oz]
RQ02: 3lb 4.3oz [+10.8oz]

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