12/11 Rabbitry Update

All is well on the farmstead. The snow is finally melting away significantly, the chickens have come out from under the porch, the waterers are thawed fully – I am happy.

I sold RQ02 yesterday, so RQ01 is the only bun left to weigh. He is right on track with his weight gain. I closed the divider on the pen that the RS0917 litter was in and moved RQ01 into the second partition, beside Navy. They are getting along quite well, I think it’s making it easier for both of them since they both just lost their siblings and are now “alone.”

Queenie’s kits are also doing very well, despite cold temperatures and snow/ice. They’re both FAT and happy and snuggly warm in the nest box. Queenie is proof that even small litters can survive in the cold if they have a good momma. Queenie is a great mother and takes very good care of them – I just need to talk her into having larger litters!

We have some very exciting news to share, if you keep up with the blog AND the Facebook, keep your eyes peeled for a fun announcement this Friday, 12/15!

RR-RQ01: 3lb 13.3oz [+6.1oz]

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