December 9 – Goings On

Just wanted to write a little blog about how productive I’ve been the past two days, along with some goings on around the farmstead.

Yesterday it started snowing around 8am, and continued to snow until today around 930am. It was a bit chilly, but the snowfall was rather wet and it didn’t get super cold, so once the sun came out this morning, everything immediately began melting. Tonight, however, it’s supposed to get down into the low 20s, so we are expecting a freeze for sure. I haven’t been able to get my car out of my driveway yet, I expect the same tomorrow morning, but I’ll have to work at it because I am meeting a client to sell RS05 and RQ02 tomorrow afternoon.

Late last night/early this morning, Queenie kindled her litter sired by Fin. She only had two kits, again, but they’re both looking great – two little blacks. I put some extra fur in the nest box, and they should be fine. I’ll double check them this evening right before bed then again first thing in the morning. I’m a bit disappointed at her litter sizes, it’s been this way with two different bucks now. She will get one more chance at having a decent sized litter before I make the decision to keep her around or sell her. She’s a great mom, so I’m hoping we can get a larger litter for her. I’m thinking I’ll cut down on her oat intake, as well as go for 4 fall offs in 24 hours instead of just two. If that doesn’t work, then I’m not sure she is cut out for my program.

In preparation for the colder weather, I’ve also been adding small plastic tupperware containers to each rabbit cage with water & ACV so that the rabbits have water overnight even if their waterers/bottles freeze. Some do better with the containers than others – Charming and Sookie in particular love to dump them.

I got a lot of packing done (I despise moving), and also had some water kefir in cranberry juice become drinking-ready today. Super tasty! Look for a post regarding water kefir shortly. I also started a gluten free sourdough starter (attempt), with the hopes of gifting it for Christmas.

I also got a bunch of other Christmas gifts completed (posts coming after Christmas), and we trekked out to get dog food. Saw a couple of people who had run off the road and gotten stuck, but the main roads were all clear and perfectly fine for driving – last night, not so much.

Looking forward to selling these two rabbits tomorrow, and getting some more packing done. Can’t wait for it to warm up later this week so I can get a bit more done outside. The chickens are NOT loving this weather either.

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