I realize I have not been updating the blog like I should be. If you haven’t been keeping up via our Facebook page, we’ve just purchased our new farmstead! The excitement and work associated with the new house has taken over my life!

We are in the process of painting and getting the current shed ready for the chickens. We are also working on a space for the rabbit cages, and getting the place up to our standards.

The dogs think they’ve died and gone to heaven! They absolutely love all of the land to explore, and the creek to swim in. The property itself is a work in progress, trying to get it animal ready while also being animal safe. We are also working on figuring out where to put up the kennel and how to fence the dogs a little yard to go out & potty in during the day while we are gone.

There’s A LOT to do, so I will likely not be posting too frequently, with painting & improvements and the holidays coming up. We are heading to PA to be with my family for Christmas. The week of Christmas, we will be up there, then we come back and the first week of January we will finish painting and officially get moved into the new house – my mom and step dad and grandpa are coming down for that.

You’ll all have to forgive me for the lack of posts during this time, just be patient, and I’ll resume posting once I’m all settled in to the new house!

Thanks and Happy Holidays! 😀

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