12/22 Rabbitry Update

Whew…so tonight we are leaving for PA, coming back to GA on the 30th to continue moving into the new place. I wanted to do a quick rabbitry update with all the goings on and whatnot.

Yesterday I butchered RQ01…not super happy with his weight and carcass ratio. He weighed 5lb 5.2oz live, and butchered was only 2lb 1.0oz – a 38% live to dressed ratio. I did notice that his belly was VERY big, no worms or bloat upon butchering, but he was quite fatty, I’d say he was gorging himself in food and fresh hay. We will see how her next litter dresses out.

I just took weights on Queenie’s current litter by Fin, and they are HUGE!!! FQ01 weighed in at 12.3oz, and FQ02 was 11.9oz. No sexes yet, but they’re little monsters – pretty pleased with their weights this week (and they’re one day shy of 2 weeks old too)!! Planning on retaining one doe, if there is one, from this litter.

When we come back, Sookie and Powder will be due to kindle – both within a day of each other, first week of January. Expecting another large litter from Sookie, a re-breeding to Rain since I’ve been so pleased with her litters from him. Her next breeding will be a cross to Charming. Powder is also bred back to Rain to repeat her first litter of 8 that was lost. Hoping for a successful litter this time, or she will have one more chance before she’s removed from our program. She’s a large doe and she produces large litters, so I’m hoping this one works out.

When we return, I also plan on breeding Queenie, not sure if it will be back to Rain or a cross out to Charming. We will also breed Faith for her first litter, to Rain. Looking very forward to the next couple months and the second half of the breeding season.

We have yet to complete the rabbitry at the new house, so that’s on the VERY long to-do list. Once it’s done, I will be able to breathe a little easier.

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