Productive Friday – 1/19

This post is more for my own reference, so that I remember what I did and when I did it. Today and the past two days as well, have been very productive. I’ve gotten a lot of unpacking done, my kitchen and pantry are entirely unpacked and organized (YAY!). The amount of boxes in the house and garage have greatly decreased.

I got my cleaning schedule created and outlined in a white board in the laundry room. One of my goals for 2018 was to be cleaner – anyone who knows me knows that I can be EXTREMELY messy and disorganized. So far, so good, I’m happy to say. It is proving that staying on top of things makes it much easier to clean in general.

Homestead related…I have been kicking butt. Got the shed organized, put another layer of straw in the coop (we are doing deep litter, successfully so far), and got all rabbits into their (mostly) permanent homes. The rabbitry is only really at 75% still, we have at least three more sets of cages to get hung, then we will be able to move the bucks to their side of the rabbitry and all the breeder does will have their area as well. I also need to get the watering systems set back up, hoping to accomplish that during the week this week.

Other things I did: made a batch of cracker crack (will blog a recipe later), started some kombucha & water kefir batches, and took my InstaPot on its maiden voyage – making black garlic (will also post a recipe/blog once it’s done). Yesterday I had made some chicken/chicken stock, so last afternoon I put the bones and some water back into the crockpot, then high for 4 hours, low until I woke up this morning (aka started at 14:00 on 1/18, moved to low at 18:00, turned off at 08:00 on 1/19. I then blended all of the bones (which are now super brittle and powder-like) and made “bone milk” for the dogs. I will post a recipe/how to on how to do this also 🙂

Meat rabbits are doing well. We have the buck named (Virgil) and are working on a name for the broken chocolate doe, as well as running a contest via Facebook to name the chin doe. Can’t wait to see what everyone decides on.

I got a bunch of rabbit furs (all that I had in the freezer) into a pickle. I’ll leave them there for 48 hours and then flesh and tan them…as I get time.

Tomorrow we are going to a trade day in Alabama, then picking up a dozen chicks on our way home. Trying our luck with multiple breeds, straight run, hopefully it turns out better than last year. We will also work on the pig pen and rabbit watering system setup. Yay for the weekend!

That’s all for now!

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