The Weekend: 1/20-21 2018

This was our first “real” weekend together in the house. And we were fairly productive, might I add.

We went to a FABULOUS trade day in Alabama, found Justus a bandsaw for his taxidermy shop at a great deal. We also brought home 11 new chicks – there’s about 80-90% chance that they’re all pullets, so we should have further diversified our egg production. We brought home 4 lavender orpingtons, 3 cream legbars, 2 copper marans, and 2 olive eggers. Hopeful that at least 75% survive so we will have some replenished laying hens (Elsa and Marilyn turn 3 this April!!). I’ve added adult & egg pictures of all breeds we just purchased at the end of this post.

Then we came home from church on Sunday and got the rest of the rabbit cages up to snuff, and finally got our temporary hog pen put together. We will be obtaining two young pigs from a friend of Justus’ this week. I am looking forward to having them, but am also apprehensive as I’ve heard that hogs can be naughty, nasty critters. The plan for now is to keep them in their temporary pen and slowly add on to it so that they don’t completely destroy the land that they’ll be living on.

So far, the black garlic that I mentioned in a previous post is looking great! I believe it should be done tomorrow or Tuesday – yay for InstaPots! The mango water kefir also has turned out delicious in spite of a layer of kahm yeast on top (which I strained off). Kombucha is doing well also.

I’m very happy about the direction that our little homestead is headed. We’ve still got a lot of work to do, but we are getting there bit by bit.

Cream legbar hen
Cream legbar eggs – very pale blue
Lavender Orpington Hen
Lavender Orpington eggs
Black Copper Maran Hen
Copper Maran Eggs
Olive Egger (no guarantee that they’ll look like this because they’re Ameracauna x Maran cross)
Olive Egger Egg

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