In Defense of Food

In Defense of Food is another Pollan book that I have read and enjoyed. This book addresses how in America today, much of the “food” that we are eating isn’t food at all. Pollan emphasizes that Americans are eating too many “food like substances” and not enough real food. The idea is presented that we should be eating foods that our ancestors would recognize and eat themselves. Additionally, the point is made that not enough time is spent on food – ie. bring back family dinner!

I emphasize greatly with this book. I think it shows a good perspective regarding today’s agricultural and food systems. Pollan makes many good points about how people today are greatly out of touch with their food, and that much of the food consumed today isn’t “real food.” He states that we should stop worrying about all the nutrients and calories and simply worry about consuming real food that hasn’t been heavily processed and refined.

I would recommend this book to ANYONE, it will make you think about the foods that you’re putting into your body. It’s a good, easy read and, I believe, there’s even a documentary version on Netflix that you can watch if you’re so inclined.

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