Pig Waterer

Though we have yet to get our pigs (speed bumps keep arising), we are preparing as much as possible. One thing I did decide to go ahead and have ready to go was the pig waterer. Why am I making a waterer for a pig? Because. Pigs wallow. They love water, and won’t hesitate to dump their water trough and roll all around in it. I don’t mind this at all, however I don’t ever want them to be without water to drink – so I’m making them a waterer.

It’s about the same process, slightly simpler, than when I make rabbit waterers. First, order your drinking nipples. I ordered these from Amazon, they come in a set of 5 which I like because things do tend to break or become run down after a time. Once you’ve got your nipples, grab a 5 gallon bucket with a lid and drill a 1/2″ hole in it. Then, insert your 1/2″ watertight conduit hub into the hole. Screw your nipple into the conduit hub and you’re done! Easy, simple pig waterer.

You can hang the waterer off the ground so they can’t knock it over, but so that they still have access. I’m not yet sure how quickly they’ll drink a 5 gallon bucket – I assume probably every couple of days it’ll need refilled. I’ll post more updates when we get the pigs to see how the waterer is working.

I’ve also been debating teaching the dogs how to use the waterer, and making them one for outside during the summer. We shall see.

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