The One Straw Revolution

I’ve only just recently completed this book, and I really enjoyed it. I would say that it’s not exactly a “learning” type book in the typical form, but more of a philosophical read about farming and how doing less is more. The author, Mr. Fukuoka, has created his own system of raising crops in a way that has enabled him to forego chemical fertilizers and tillage of the soil. He does not even make use of compost! Mr. Fukuoka has created and sustains a natural ecosystem on his farm based on specific life cycles of each of the plants that he grows (rice, barley, rye). He also keeps a mandarin orchard and intermixes vegetable growing through seed scattering and allowing the plants to grow wild.

I recommend this book to anyone who is looking to get away from the commercial type of farming, or to anyone who is interested in how we can help the world and our environment. It isn’t a terribly long book, and he does offer some great insight to a lot of the agricultural and economical issues that plague the world today. This book was written about Japan, however it is HIGHLY applicable to anywhere that uses agriculture (aka everywhere). If you’re looking to try and come up with a new perspective on gardening and food, and thinking of trying something more “hands-off,” have a look at this book and try to put into practice some of Mr. Fukuoka’s methods. Once we plant our mini fruit orchard and berry patch, I will definitely be attempting a more “natural” way of doing things.

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