Fun Weekend!

Just wanted to write up a little blog about this past week/end, since we were pretty busy down on the farm.

Thursday morning I woke up and drove over to Cartersville to purchase two new rabbits from Silver Lox rabbitry. I met another avid rabbiteer there, my friend Linda of Tale of Tails. She ended up purchasing a lovely, large blue doe who carries the white gene. I came home with two gorgeous blacks who carry chocolate – a buck & a doe. Both have 3 legs, each only needing one more for their Grand Champion. We have named the doe Hymn, and the buck Yoda. Both are in quarantine for now, and I am looking forward to at least one litter from each before the season is over.

I also went ahead and sexed my most “interesting” kits – the broken blue SFxNZ appears to be a buck, and all 3 lilacs appear to be does. I will be keeping the largest of the lilac does, and am on the fence about keeping the broken blue, it will depend how he grows. Next week when my brother visits, I will be giving him a butchering lesson with the older grow outs that I have, I’m quite looking forward to that. Also, I received news that Fanny (one of my former rabbits who I gave to a friend) kindled some kits by Virgil. We brought here for a few days for a date with him, since Fanny doesn’t have a “boyfriend” at her home. We are looking for any kits from Virgil & Booger, but have yet to see any sign or nesting.

Thursday afternoon, my grandparents arrived from PA! My grandma (Gram) got straight to work on the curtains she promised me as a housewarming gift. I’ve included final product pictures below. She is amazing and I LOVE the curtains! She really could be a professional seamstress, but she’s too modest and will tell you otherwise.

My grandpa (Pap, or as my niece calls him, Papple/Apple) helped me with a ton of small projects around the house. He fixed many broken things, and hung things for me. He and Justus also got the farm sign put up & fixed the roof on the rabbitry (we were having issues with small leaks allowing water into the feeders, causing a HUGE waste of feed). We treated them to a low country boil on Friday night, and on Sunday we took them to Gibb’s Gardens, which I highly recommend that everyone visit!

We have daffodils and the ornamental cherry tree blooming, and the chickens are back to laying 2-3 eggs a day again, so it’s really feeling like spring around the farm! 🙂

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  1. That was a great day, but you did not mention how drenched you got walking back to your car with those two rabbits! LOL! Just fifteen minutes later…sprinkles!

    I LOVE your sign and your home and your new curtains and your grandparents!

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