Lots of New Things!

We’ve had some exciting things going on this week.

Wednesday was my birthday, so we’ve been celebrating most of the week. Justus bought me a new rifle (.17), which I love! We are also on the lookout for some ducklings as that was the second part of my present, however TSC had run out when we got there. Hopefully we will find some over the weekend. I also received a Roomba from my mom, which is fabulous, I’m not sure anyone will understand my excitement unless they’ve got 4 inside dogs.

It’s weaning week for Powder and Queenie’s kits. Today I will move the last few kits out of their cages with mom and into the grow out pen. The rabbitry is doing very well, and I am quite happy with how things are going. We are selling out of a few of our rabbits to make room for new buns. I’m very pleased with the interest I’m getting about them. We will have one more round of breedings for one last bunch of litters at the end of this month, to end out the breeding season. Also, Sookie and Faith are both due 3/24, hoping we get at least one decent litter from them.

Broken blue NZxSF buck
Lilac & blue SF

Our meat chickens arrived! I ordered 10 cornish X day-olds from TSC online, they shipped out Tuesday & arrived here at our post office on Thursday morning. They ended up sending 12, and as of this morning all 12 are doing very well. I will be keeping a spreadsheet with detailed records to determine the actual cost of each bird, vs potential sales costs at butchering time. I will also keep photos to gauge their growth over the next 10-12 weeks. We also have 13 eggs in the incubator, all from our own hens so we should have a nice mix of chicks that will likely become dog food in a few weeks.

The last thing I wanted to mention was our giveaway through Facebook! We’ve partnered with our friends over at Built By Beachams to bring our followers a LOVELY little ‘welcome’ sign. The contest will run through 3/18 and a winner will be selected on 3/19. Visit our Facebook to enter 🙂

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