Spot’s Last Day

Well, today was Spot’s last day on earth. He finally got me. Good.

I was in the coop by myself, the dogs were inside as I just ran outside quickly to fill their feeder. I was scooping some chicken feed out of the bin into their feeder, with my back turned to the flock. Next thing I know, Spot got me. He attacked me, just once, but it was a good one. This attack was entirely unprovoked, and while I appreciate that he is “protecting” his ladies, I did not pose a threat to anyone at that time. So, Spot is being made into dog food. Pepper can take over roostering duties and Fluff can hopefully catch a break from Pepper’s pestering.

He was a good rooster as far as protection of the girls went, but he is TOO aggressive to rationalize keeping around. So, off with his head!

Next day thigh bruise

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