We. Got. Ducks. I don’t think I mentioned it in any of the other blogs, so I’m writing about it now. I had been so sad about the passing (disappearance) of Emmy and Uppy, and now we’ve finally gotten replacements!

For my birthday, Justus got me a new gun, yes, but he also surprised me with 5 ducklings from Tractor Supply. They were simply marked as “assorted,” so we will see once they’re older what breed they end up being and how many males and females there are. They’re marked similarly to mallards, however I’m sure they’re probably some sort of farm breed, probably Rouens. Time will tell!

In the meantime, I’m working on “gentling” them a bit more and getting them used to us. They’re pretty fearful of us right now, and I’ve noticed that with them, as opposed to the chicks, they’re all ALWAYS watching me when I’m in the room with them. The chicks seem to be oblivious to my presence until I put a hand down into their brooder, but the ducklings constantly have eyes on me. I love watching them swim, they look very happy.

The laundry room is currently a nursery since we are still getting temperatures down into the 30s at night. My plan is to move all chicks and ducklings into the garage early next week when it’s staying in the 50s and warmer at night. They’ll still have heat lamps, but be housed in much larger cages. They all flat out stink and I’m ready for them to be out of the house.

Now, look at the picture and bask in the adorable-ness 🙂

One thought on “Ducks”

  1. Basking! Soon they will be following you everywhere probably. I hope you have a good gender mix.

    Oh, yeah, the weather! I placed wind breaks up for the rabbits and put on their warming pads last night. I would like just a few days of steady 50 to 60 degree temperatures. I have a lot of gardening to do!

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