Meat Chickens: Weeks 3 & 4

I skipped last week, my bad. I’ve been out of town. The chicks are growing at a tremendous rate, I can’t believe how large they are. This Thursday marked 4 weeks, 4 more to go!

They smell terrible. Even with being cleaned out on a regular basis, they smell AWFUL! And they’re ugly. They’re like tiny walking bowling balls and parts of them are naked. They look scraggly and haggard. Ugly ducklings.

I got them moved into the large pen today since it’s finally warm enough, and all they want to do is nap. They’re quite lazy, and their dense statures also don’t allow for vigorous exercise. I’m hoping they might be a bit more active once they’re used to their new enclosure. I fear we may have to butcher them early if they keep growing like they are. I can picture their legs giving out. I’m not sure we will try raising Cornish X again, might switch it up to Red Rangers – or try keeping the Cornish X in the large pen from the get go instead of weaning them to the outside (since weather will be warmer).

Counting down the days to butchering day!!

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