Soap Making 101!

Well, our first on-farm event was a SUCCESS in my book! Yesterday we held our Spring Soapmaking Workshop, and had very positive feedback and reviews. About 15 people showed up, and our presenter (my friend Sandra of Free Home Farm) did a fabulous job!

We started out with some handouts talking about why soap making is important, how soap works, some basic chemistry and safety information, and the like. Then we broke for snacks before starting the actual soap making. After our intermission, Sandra started the soap making process, including weighing out the fats/oils, mixing the lye, and stirring the soap. The process of stirring (typically via an immersion blender to speed up the chemical reactions) was thwarted, however, due to an unexpected power outage. We still don’t know what caused it, but it prevented us from being able to get our soap to set up in a timely manner. Regardless, Sandra had brought some pre-made soaps along as well for us to see, smell, and take home. We kept the “experimental” soap that we made but couldn’t get to thicken, we shall see if it sets up.

All together it was a great day. We had beautiful weather and a great turnout. I am very happy with how it went. Not to mention both my mom and grandma flew down for the event and to help out, and I wouldn’t have been able to pull off such a successful event without them!

Enjoy some photos of the day below!


Intermission – preparing for the actual soap making
Getting ready for soap making
Mixing the lye and water – monitoring the temperature of the chemical reaction
Mixing (by hand) the lye and fats/oils
Expertly crafted cheese & cracker plate
Everly (our youngest attendee) and I – she was very interested in soap making
Some hot & cold process soaps that Sandra pre-made

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