Meat Chickens: Week 7

Officially official, I love them <3

They’re so (stupidly) friendly. And watching them waddle around is comical. They’re really acting like normal chickens now, despite looking like bowling balls with legs. When I walk up to their pen and say “Hello chickens,” they chirp back at me. I love to watch them take dust baths, and am enjoying my daily interactions with them.

There’s one cockerel who (I believe) must have been the first chicken the possum attempted to go after, before it succeeded in killing the one that it got. He has two little scratch marks/scars on his butt. I call him Scar Butt. He has no marks anywhere else, just looks like he got grabbed in the butt but got away. I haven’t decided if we will eat him yet or if he will have to go to the dogs – need to read up on that stuff. I assume if he doesn’t have an infection and is healthy otherwise, there should be no issue, just not sure I can eat something that a possum already took a bite out of, HA!

Enjoy a picture of myself & one of the pullets 🙂

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