End of Breeding Season

Well, the 2017-2018 breeding season is coming to a close. Our last litters are in the nest boxes waiting to grow up and be evaluated.

Compared to seasons of the past, my litters were smaller, but I did produce more kits this year. Some stats are below:

2017-2018 Breeding Season (August-April)
Number of litters: 14
Litters lost: 4
Kits born: 57
Kits weaned: 37 (plus 12 in nests now)
Kits sold: 12
Average Live to Dressed Percentage: 51%
Sookie had 5 litters
Queenie had 4 litters
Powder had 3 litters
Faith had 1 litter
Hymn had 1 litter
Rain sired 7 litters
Fin sired 1 litter
Charming sired 3 litters
Navy sired 1 litter
Big D sired 1 litter
Yoda sired 1 litter
And I only kept back one lilac doe, YAY ME!

In the nest right now we have:
– Yoda x Hymn: 1 blue, 2 blacks, pure SF
– Big D x Sookie: 1 blue, 4 blacks, pure SF
– Navy x Queenie: 4 blues, pure SF

I was also naughty and because I absolutely can NOT stand Faith, I went ahead and bred her to Big D for a litter due in May. I would also like to have a litter out of her from Yoda but we will see if I can handle her that long. I’m hoping her cross to Big D will produce a keeper buck, and if not, oh well, meat for the freezer. She is just absolutely terrible and I’m not happy with her size even though she has good type. Off with her head!

I’m getting a new Jr. doe from MN this week, being brought to me back from OSRBA, excited about her. That’s about all, still trying to improve my stock and improve the breed. Already excited for next breeding season.

Navy x Queenie (4 blues)
Big D x Sookie (4 blacks, 1 blue)
Yoda x Hymn (2 blacks, 1 blue)

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