Happenings Around the Farm

It’s been a busy last two days over here. I returned from work in Pensacola on Saturday afternoon, and we spent all of Saturday evening working on the pig pen. We now have all of the posts in the ground, all that’s left is adding the wire. Pretty excited about that.
– Oh, I know not everyone has Facebook, so I’ll share my PSA that I put on the farm’s FB page. Friday night I had a few drinks, as I am prone to do, and proceeded to join a poultry auction group on Facebook, bid on goose eggs, and then ended up WINNING those goose eggs. So now I’m working on educating myself in how the heck to hatch goose eggs. They should arrive this week. Chinese geese plus potential for a buff goose egg. Shipping from Michigan.


Besides the eggs, I came home to realize that pretty much all of our hens are laying now, albeit some of the eggs are very small at the moment. We’ve got lots of eggs. This is good because Elsa has started to show signs of going broody. I’m thinking maybe I’ll get lucky and put a couple of the goose eggs under her and see what happens.

First-timer eggs

We moved the pheasants & chukar chicks outside into a new tractor with a pen attached that has an enclosed nesting area so that they can escape poor weather or anything that frightens them (ie. humans, dogs) into a calm, dark nesting box. They seem quite happy, catching them was a challenge. I can not tell them apart, they all look the same. We’ve decided to keep them together for now, will separate by species if we begin having issues.

Moved outside & out of the garage! Finally!

Checked out all the rabbits. Bigger kits are doing great. Eating like monsters. The kit with the missing foot (‘Foot’) is doing well. The broken black doe, plus her older blue half-sister and Charming go to their new homes this Monday, freeing up more space when I need it. New doe Maggie (from MN) is settling in nicely, she is very sweet. Also realized I’ve either got a chinchilla colored or snowballed kit in my nest from the Big D x Sookie litter. He may be going to live with my friend at Tale of Tales, she’s interested in his color. Faith is due this coming weekend with a litter by Big D, then I’m absolutely done breeding until fall.

Funky buck next to a normal blue silver fox
Growouts are 8 weeks old and eating like monsters

I got a lot done this morning. Started some water kefir (cran-grape), milk kefir, kombucha, jun, & sauerkraut. I’m also about to use some of the soap from our soap making class! It’s a bit early but I’ve tested it and it seems to be perfect.

L to R: water kefir, milk kefir, kombucha, jun

I’m sure I’ll do 100 other things today. Have a lot to do in order to get ready for this week, I leave for girl’s weekend in Asheville, NC on Thursday. Yay!

Merle, Becky, & Bertha

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