I just realized I never published this little blog about our goose eggs.

Today is their ‘actual’ due date of 35 days. Unfortunately we’ve only had one pip & hatch, Talbot. He has to wear special “shoes” because his toes were curled in and he was struggling to walk. He is doing great now, today I’m going to take his shoes off and see how his feet look. I was hopeful that the other three would pip and hatch today, but it’s not looking promising. I am giving the eggs until Sunday before they’ll be fed to the pigs.

If none of the others hatch, I’m going to try and find at least one other gosling as a buddy for Talbot, I don’t want him to be raised alone. He already thinks Justus is his momma (and to be clear, I’ve no idea if he is actually a he, only time will tell).

Other news, we’ve also acquired a very young kitten, who will be our new mouser once he’s bigger. His name is Orville.

Yay baby animals!


One thought on “THE EGGS ARE PIPING!”

  1. Sorry about the eggs.

    About your mouser, did you know that the domestic cat made #1 on The Most Extreme of cats for the variety of species and number of kills per year? That is because they kill for the pleasure of the hunt, not for food. My inside cats were always great for getting houseflies. May he serve you well!

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