The Farm Dress

I just wanted to write up a quick blog post about my favorite piece of farm clothing, my farm dresses. Generally, these are dresses that have holes or stains or are just not acceptable to wear anywhere else besides at home. I love every one of my farm dresses.

Why? Why wear a dress? It’s not the 19th century any longer, pants are acceptable. I just prefer a dress. They’re much more flowy and breathable, which is especially important during summers in the south. They make using the bathroom (sometimes in the front yard) a breeze! Plus, a dress is simply one piece of fabric, no need to match shorts with a shirt.

The winter is much less conducive to dress wearing, so you’ll see me in them a lot less when the weather cools off. As far as warm weather farming goes, I’m always in a dress. I wear them to butcher, to feed animals, to do chores, to chop wood and clear brush, the list goes on. The only mistake I have found while wearing a dress during farming: don’t groom rabbits in a black dress.

One thought on “The Farm Dress”

  1. Like your style but not for me…I get bitten by every bug that likes to bite, especially on my legs and feet. I wear boots and/or long jeans to give bitey things less target areas.

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